Eating & Growing..

HI and welcome to my first post..I'm a bit late I know but I think I've done very well avoiding this cringe worthy experience. I do follow quite a few blogs which I read from time to time and get some good tips on various things I'm sure I could probably function quite well without. So now I'm in business in more ways than one, I think the best thing is to immerse myself in this whole media stuff. I am very nearly qualified as Nutritional Therapist,(a wha? you say)..all will be revealed later.

At the house here we grow a LOT of vegetable seedlings for my husband's company which sells grow your own stuff online and Andrew (that's him), is a bit of an expert on all things growing out of the ground to eat. So we grow our own too obviously. As we have been doing a lot of that growing thing for the last 8 years, I assumed naively that everyone does it. Since I have been studying in Dublin for the last 3 years, it seems that organic vegetables in the big city are a bit of a prized possession. Organic Vegetables are viewed with misty eyes by people who drive miles to buy from a cute stall at a farmer's market and talk about with their worthy friends. I realise now that I and my very ambivalent children are completely spoiled by the luxury of strolling, sometimes running down to the vegetable garden and grabbing whatever looks ready and scrabbling back into the kitchen to throw it into a receptacle for dinner/lunch. To my shame, I am sometimes, I have to admit, a bit of a food/veggie snob, I have found myself looking down my nose at withered,wrinkly courgettes, darkened with neglect in the supermarket. Then I also feel a bit of shame at not doing enough with my harvest every year. I do put in a slightly valiant effort and pickle a few bits and bobs and ferment excess cucumbers, enough to feel a little smug. Hence this blog. I need a bit of a kick in the ass to make myself move and do more with all these wonderful veggies and If I have to document it, then the pressure is on.

To start us off, we recently had Lee from Wisconsin to stay for 3 weeks as part of the workaway scheme, it's when someone comes to live near or with your family and works for board and lodging and of course top class entertainment. We thought it may be fun to meet people from all over and there is always plenty to do here outside in the garden and poly tunnel. Lee from Wisconsin (full name), picked this lovely flower sprout crop from what I thought was a bit of a dead plant, so heh! presto, we made flower sprout soup with garlic and homemade bone broth..well weren't we both feeling mighty smug?..

So onwards and upwards, hope someone may read this so I'm not just talking to myself but it may get more interesting as we jog along, hopefully..

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