Do you want to ?

Have more energy?

Have that light un-bloated feeling every time you eat?

Manage your weight and feel satisfied?

Have good uninterrupted sleep and wake feeling refreshed to start the day?

Feel more optimistic and improve your mood?

Feel strong and empowered? 


Feeling energetic?

There are many things we eat everyday that we think are good for us and we feel fine until we hit the brick wall and want to sleep or slump mid afternoon or even earlier in the day. Are you one of us who needs coffee to keep you going or a sweet treat to keep the crankies away for a while.? We get so used to living like this, we think it is normal. Getting proper dietary advice that is personalised to your particular needs will help you make changes in your everyday routine. These changes, sometimes so small, you will wonder how you coped before, can help you maintain energy levels throughout the day without having foggy brain, irritability and general tiredness.



Bloating is my constant friend..

Anyone who has suffered from bloating knows that it is no friend. There are lots of reasons why we bloat, belch and suffer from excess gas after certain foods and some can be very simple things like stressed eating. Taking time to enjoy and savour your food starts your tummy working and therefore your digestion will work better. By analysing your food diary, I can get a good idea of what is going on, along with your symptoms questionnaire. By gathering this information, an appropriate approach can be set in place to address your bloating and possible constipation/diarrohea that can sometimes go hand in hand.


Not another diet...

So many of us try diets and after a few months things start to slip and the cycle begins. You feel bad or worse, 'guilty' because you went over your daily allowance for something and have not lost what you hoped. For some, 'diets' do work, but for others they don't. For those who have tried diets of all sorts and still haven't reached their target weight, there are a number of things that have to be considered. Eating consistently real healthy meals and snacks (usually the culprits), reducing stress, eating and exercising to balance hormones and blood sugar, there will be no need to count calories and you will fit into that favourite suit or dress. My recommendations are based on science and are more focussed on lifestyle and dietary changes that are long term and are not stopping after you 'lose' those extra pounds. If you change the foods you eat , you won't have to go on a diet ever again!! 

Happiness Is An Inside Job

There is more and more evidence showing that what we eat and how we live affects our moods. If you are constantly on a stress cycle and your stimulants of choice are coffee and sugar, you are not giving your body any building blocks to make good mood hormones. Coffee and sugar have their place, but only in a very small way. A good coffee that is cherished and enjoyed is worth the feelgood factor, but 5-6 a day of instant black stuff is going to leave you frazzled and exhausted. This will affect your sleep quality and we all know how we feel when we haven't slept well. Good foods with nutrients found in fruit and vegetables will keep moods up. These nutrients like B vitamins, magnesium and omega 3 oils found in green vegetables, nuts and oily fish help the nervous system work properly. The nervous system needs to be supported to improve our mood and avoid dips in our emotions. Giving yourself a treat of a massage, a regular yoga class or that special coffee and a good chat with a dear friend relaxes you and makes you feel good.Getting outside with friends or alone helps you appreciate what this earth has to offer you. When  you are kind to your body by feeding it well nutritionally, physically and spiritually, it will reward you by feeling better.

Your body deserves it and it's the only one you've got, so be let's be kind to it.!

If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?..
— anon