Before your Consultation

When you have decided to make healthy changes, book an appointment at or or phone 0868332999.

You will then be sent a comprehensive questionnaire that is confidential, along with a 3 day food diary to complete and send it back to me for analysis before we meet.

At your appointment, you get the chance to sit down and discuss your concerns with me your therapist. I may have a few further questions to clarify things on your questionnaire in order to get a complete picture of your health and health concerns.

This initial consultation will take up to an hour and is your chance to discuss any health goals you would like to achieve

As your appointment progresses we will collaborate together and assess what you are ready to do. This is a personalised plan only for you to achieve, so there are no unrealistic goals and pressure to 'make' you change things. This plan will usually consist of dietary advice and lifestyle changes that you are ready for, which will bring a positive outcome for you. Sometimes nutritional supplements will be recommended if required and lifestyle advice will be given for you to start, until we meet the next time for your first follow-up appointment, which is usually in about a month’s time. You can set the pace that you would like to progress at. We will work slowly and gradually in order for you to get used to your new eating plan and find your feet with it.This is a joint project between you and me and together we can help you achieve YOUR goals.

After the initial meeting I will collate what we have discussed and will send you a personalised eating plan with some recipes for you to try out. you’ll also receive fact sheets with information on what we talked about. It's hard to absorb new information in one go, so you can read these at your leisure. It is far more achievable to implement changes , when you are aware and understand why you are changing particular things. 

In our follow-up consultations we can assess how you are doing on your road to ultimate health and well being.  Any adjustments can be made to your action plan in the first follow up meeting, when we can discuss what has been working well and what could do with a little more focus. We can also assess are you ready for some more challenges. I am there to support and empower you to make positive changes that can be easily achieved and keep you going towards that goal of being healthy and happy. There is only support and compassion here.

Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy food